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Mist n’ Match

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Our Moisture Mists have been specially formulated to replenish and transform dry lack lustre hair into soft hydrated curls and coils 

Moisture Mists:

The Rose Moisture Mist is used for ultimate hydration 

The Peppermint Moisture Mist, will strengthen and repair your hair whilst stimulating your scalp

The Rosemary Moisture Mist, to moisturise your hair while encouraging growth 

When to use

  • To keep your natural hair hydrated daily
  • To keep your hair moisturised in protective hairstyles
  • When directly sprayed on the scalp to encourage hair growth

Size: 200ML

Method of extraction: Rose petals gently steamed distilled to preserve all of the great properties 


Disclaimer: Our Mists are all labelled with their names but for aesthetic purposes they are not included in the photo

You will be getting THREE moisture mists for the price of Two! (Based in the original prices)