Hair Story

Want to know Hair Story?

I created Nadia Esi Naturals in August 2019. However, my story with product making began in 2017 because of a salon horror experience.

In 2017 I took a trip to Ghana for the summer, to end the trip of course I had to get my hair done. I decided to do a feed-in cornrow style at a salon. I could feel my baby hair being pulled on, as the hairstylist was doing my hair. When it was time to take these braids out, I was not surprised with the amount shedding I had, due to how tight the braids were. Fortunately, before I left Ghana I bought an array of oils that I later used to save my damaged hair.

I was just starting my first year at university so you can imagine how desperate I was to find the magic formula! After extensive research and experimenting in my uni halls and on my friends, I found the perfect non-toxic formula. So in 2018, while juggling my studies, I started selling my products to my uni friends , and they couldn't get enough of the good stuff (big shout out to my flatmates)!

My dream for Nadia Esi Naturals is to create the same level of confidence I had when I started falling in love with my hair, in all women and men that come across my brand. I use plant based science to create products that heal and nourish natural hair.

I love natural hair, and believe that with the right products and the right encouragement, I can change the way a lot of people feel about their natural hair. This is a special journey and it's great to have a community and a safe space you can look to when you're not feeling to good about yourself and/or your hair (subscribe to our email newsletter and become part the Nadia Esi Naturals community, and you can follow us on Instagram and interact with our naturals in the comment section to help find your tribe).

Through starting my business I have met so many wonderful black women, that I have been able to help on their journey towards feeling confident and unapologetic with their natural hair. This makes me so happy because I know what it feels like to be out of touch with the hair that grows from our scalp, so to help someone overcome that feeling makes me so happy, honestly.

We laugh, we smile and we all relate to each other through our shared interest in natural haircare. My pain is someone else's pain, and someone else's pain is also mine. So, I thought why not create brand that solves our pain of being unable to find effective haircare products that align with our hair goals (or that just make us feel good) with a creator that lives and breaths natural hair and black women empowerment 24/7 365.

So Nadia Esi is:

  • Natural hair care but make it relatable, sustainable and effective.