BLA School Project

Nadia Esi is more than Hair Care. We are about embracing our natural self and loving the way we have been made. Especially the children of the next generation.

We have supported our next world leaders by teaching them to be unapologetic, and have provided them with creative equipment allowing them to think outside of the box they have been pushed into because of their background.

The reason why I have chosen to support Blessed Little Angels school in Ghana is because, I want the children to know that they are beautiful, and they have a chance in this world to do something great no matter what they look like or where they come from.

From a young age I have been working with the Blessed Little Angels team to fundraise money. Now I have something I can call my own, I have decided to continue giving back to BLA.

With your help we give back a proportion of all sales to help empower and feed the future leaders of Ghana. It's important for me to give back to where I come from and ensure that these children are able to come across opportunities to grow regardless of their background.

Keep in touch with us because we cannot wait to show you all the amazing work we have managed to achieve. Though the global pandemic has halted a lot of plans, we will try our best to keep you updated with all things BLA.

Thank you everyone who has purchased items from my brand, you helping to support my grand mission of global empowerment. 


Blessed Little Angels