Hair Care That Shows You Care!

Nadia Esi is more than Hair Care. It’s about embracing our natural self and loving the way we have been made. Especially the children of the next generation 💛

From teaching these next world leaders to be unapologetic with their blackness, to buying equipment to promoting creativity, so they can think outside of the box they have been pushed into because of their background 🖼🖍

I want these children to know that black is beautiful, and they have a chance in this world to do something no matter what they look like or where they come from🌼

I’ve been working very closely with Blessed Little Angels school in Ghana, to give 10% of sales to pay for equipment, food, snacks and all sorts 💛

Your Nadia Esi hair-care shows that you care! Thank you everyone who has purchased items from Nadia Esi, a proportion of our sales go towards helping these children prosper and love themselves.